Monday, May 23, 2011

umpa lumpa

Good Monday to ya blog world! I hope everyone had a fab weekend! I had a fun but exhausting weekend.. Friday: drove to Starkville to see the bulldogs play some baseball and we won! I'm obviously a good luck charm bc the only game I attended in the series we won and that got us into the tournament! Didn't get home until like 10 after a long day of work and driving. I was pooped! Saturday: David and I met with Bro. Scott to see if we are suitable to be married to each other till death do us part. Turns out we fit pretty well together! Bro. Scott felt that we were a darn good match (I agree).

One of our very first nights hanging out.. believe that is Stanton's hat (he introduced us).

We left right after that and headed back to Jackson for a crawfish boil at one of Davids classmates sisters (tongue twister) house on lake caroline. Got there around 1 (by the way her house was amazing and right on the water) didn't leave until midnight. David had a great time, I know this bc by the end of the night he was singing karaoke and wanting to dance.. while NO one else was dancing and he told me he loves me like a bazillion times (sweetest thing ever but this is how I gauge if he has had a little too much to drink.. the more "i love yous" the worse he will feel the next day). Sunday: we wake up and go to church with Davids parents, eat dinner, and I crashed! Weekend over!

my worst fear!

This is an umpa lumpa.. notice the skin tone.. this is my worst nightmare. I walk into a spray tan booth and this is the picture that flashes in my head.. this exact face.. its not pretty people! Why I'm so deathly afraid of a bad spray tan it is beyond me but sometimes I would rather look like this:

I know you're probably thinking I'm crazy but it just makes my anxiety level rise bc i cant handle orange hands or feet... its just not natural. I'm trying to get past this fear by this coming weekend for my bachelorette party I let y'all know how it turns out. I can not explain how excited I am about my bach party!!!! YAY!!! I have been to a bazillion it seems like. I have proof:

Anna's Bachelorette

Kels Bachelorette

Laurens Bachelorette

I'm a pro at these things! However.. I'm not one of those bachelorettes that will kiss old men or get totally trashed. So sorry orange beach.. no funniest home video coming from this girl! Ill post a bunch of pics when we get back and blog about all the embarrassing stuff that goes down. Also, David is graduating FRIDAY!! My baby is gonna be a DOCTOR Charles David Ratcliff! I'm so happy and proud of him! He makes me want to be a better person everyday.. tear! Its been a long 4 years.. its truly bittersweet bc we are going to miss everyone so much! BUT we are so happy its over! Pictures of that to come soon too.. peace out!

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