Monday, May 23, 2011

umpa lumpa

Good Monday to ya blog world! I hope everyone had a fab weekend! I had a fun but exhausting weekend.. Friday: drove to Starkville to see the bulldogs play some baseball and we won! I'm obviously a good luck charm bc the only game I attended in the series we won and that got us into the tournament! Didn't get home until like 10 after a long day of work and driving. I was pooped! Saturday: David and I met with Bro. Scott to see if we are suitable to be married to each other till death do us part. Turns out we fit pretty well together! Bro. Scott felt that we were a darn good match (I agree).

One of our very first nights hanging out.. believe that is Stanton's hat (he introduced us).

We left right after that and headed back to Jackson for a crawfish boil at one of Davids classmates sisters (tongue twister) house on lake caroline. Got there around 1 (by the way her house was amazing and right on the water) didn't leave until midnight. David had a great time, I know this bc by the end of the night he was singing karaoke and wanting to dance.. while NO one else was dancing and he told me he loves me like a bazillion times (sweetest thing ever but this is how I gauge if he has had a little too much to drink.. the more "i love yous" the worse he will feel the next day). Sunday: we wake up and go to church with Davids parents, eat dinner, and I crashed! Weekend over!

my worst fear!

This is an umpa lumpa.. notice the skin tone.. this is my worst nightmare. I walk into a spray tan booth and this is the picture that flashes in my head.. this exact face.. its not pretty people! Why I'm so deathly afraid of a bad spray tan it is beyond me but sometimes I would rather look like this:

I know you're probably thinking I'm crazy but it just makes my anxiety level rise bc i cant handle orange hands or feet... its just not natural. I'm trying to get past this fear by this coming weekend for my bachelorette party I let y'all know how it turns out. I can not explain how excited I am about my bach party!!!! YAY!!! I have been to a bazillion it seems like. I have proof:

Anna's Bachelorette

Kels Bachelorette

Laurens Bachelorette

I'm a pro at these things! However.. I'm not one of those bachelorettes that will kiss old men or get totally trashed. So sorry orange beach.. no funniest home video coming from this girl! Ill post a bunch of pics when we get back and blog about all the embarrassing stuff that goes down. Also, David is graduating FRIDAY!! My baby is gonna be a DOCTOR Charles David Ratcliff! I'm so happy and proud of him! He makes me want to be a better person everyday.. tear! Its been a long 4 years.. its truly bittersweet bc we are going to miss everyone so much! BUT we are so happy its over! Pictures of that to come soon too.. peace out!

Monday, May 16, 2011

typical monday...

“You don’t change Vera Wang to fit your body, you change your body to fit Vera Wang.” You might recognize this quote from the movie "bride wars".. cute movie but not so funny when it becomes reality! Today I went for my second dress fitting and it zipped up as far as I could get it myself without a problem then the little lady that altered it comes in to help zip it up the rest of the way... this is were it gets bad fast.. she goes it zip it up and she seems to be having a little trouble with it and in my mind I'm thinking oh.. this happens all the time.. ill just suck in really deep and this wont be a problem so I squeeze in a deep breathe and nothing happens.. she STILL cant get it zipped! Freak out! Then the dreaded words come out of her mouth, it was like slow motion similar when the boy on the sandlot says "FOORRREEVVVVVEEEERRRRRRR...", here they come.. "we might need to take it out a little." She might as well have ripped my heart out of my chest.. maybe then it would have fit! Anyway.. I left there so depressed I had to stop and get a cookie at beagle bagel (see what bad news does to me). So tonight I went to zumba and hip hop class at the YMCA. Zumba is a little different and my instructor is like 50 with head to toe zumba gear but it was a good workout. Hip hop is my fav even though it has lead me to the realization that I have no rhythm and I obviously totally embarrassed myself all those years in college at the club breaking it down like its 1999. Along with exercise I have come up with a list of things I need to give up if i want to fit into my wedding dress and not sink into a deep depression...
1. Flaming hot Cheetos.. this is gonna be the hardest one to go without bc you see I have never tried drugs but my addiction to flaming hot Cheetos is probably equivalent to someone addicted to crack.
2. skittles
3. Pizza
4. Mexican food.. also hard bc David is addicted to chimichangas
5. Goobers.. my go to candy at the movies
6. Cheesesticks
7. Kiefers
8. Wendys spicy chicken sandwich
I'm sure there is lots more I just cant think of them. UGHHH.. not fun :(

On to better things to chat about... David and I had our first engagement party this past weekend and we had such a good time. We are so thankful to have such wonder people in our lives to help us celebrate this new chapter. Here are some pics from the party...

mom, me, and my daddy
Jen Jen, me, Christina, and Kel Kel
me and future sista

The Woolfolks, the future Ratcliffs, and the Adams... prom pose anyone??

me and my sweetie!
Not only was this weekend our engagement party it was also Davids D4 honors banquet. My little smarty pants got 2 awards!! Most important.. the Endodontics (sp?) award which is awesome bc that's what he wants to specialize in so that will look amazing on his applications! wooohooo!

He is so cute! love him!
Well that is all for tonight! sweet dreams blog world.. see ya again soon! And I'm sorry about the nothing being centered right.. no blog fairy yet.. still waiting ;)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

thursday mursday...

I keep hoping that one day ill log into my blog and the "blog fairy" will have magically made it look amazing.. I'm still waiting. And whats up with this spellcheck sometimes its like "nope.. haha.. not today Jessica.. your bad spelling will stay!" thanks blogspot.. thanks a lot. Anyway.. I'll figure all this out one day. In the meantime I am sorry if my grammar isn't correct (dad!). Those of you that really know me understand that English (mainly spelling) has never been my strong point. This coming weekend David and I are heading into enemy territory (GTHOM) to see some of our dear friends tie the knot!! We are both super excited for Blake and Kristina! Can't wait to see everyone and just have a fun weekend with friends! peace out blog world..

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Recap...

This weekend David and I went to Starkville for engagement pictures. When I thought about what the photos would look like this is what came to mind...

or even this...

However, when you are in the moment and the photographers (who were amazing! David and I are just retarded when it comes to making a staged photo look natural) are telling you to look at each other and act like you love each other it's a little weird. "Just look at each other and talk" they say... hmm... (David and I looking at each other) "how about them dawgs?" "Did you know the sky is blue?" "O really thats amazing". Let me tell ya, our conversations were amazing. Needless to say throughout the fake laughing and gazing into each others eyes this is how I felt the pictures turned out when it was over...

So only time will tell and I will post the outcome. I have faith that Laura can turn our awkwardness into something beautiful. While we were in town we got to spend a little time with my wild nieces. This is a typical phone conversation I have with both Izzy and Kendall...

Me: "hey Izz"

Izzy: "Where's Dabid (David in izzy talk)"

Me: "Umm Izz its Aunt Jssica what are you doing?"

Izzy: "nothing... where's Dabid?"

Me: "He is not here. Dont you want to talk to me?"

Izzy: "Umm.. but where is he? I want to talk to Dabid"

And this continues until she finally just throws the phone down.. then kendall picks up and its like the same convo.. they are obsessed with him and I'm highly jealous. What did he do that was so awesome? geez.. I need the secret! David has a way with kids though.. we will be at flag island on the river and he will find the only kid out of 100 old drunk people and play with them. I have to say its pretty sweet.. he will be a good daddy one day! On to something a little more serious.. sunday was my mothers family memorial. The church is located right outside of Mantee, Ms which is right next to Cumberland, Ms. A lot of people may not know that this area of the state was also hit hard by the tornados last week. We decided to ride through the area and my heart just broke. They are not getting the help they need. I know that it is not as bad as places like Smithville or Alabama but there were several homes destroyed and the entire East Webster School was demolished. My dad works for 4-county electric power and he has worked non-stop for the last week along with all his linemen and they need help! So please pray that FEMA will come to the rescue. It's in the Lords hands..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Glee and Elephants...

Friday night David and I went to see Water for Elephants. I had just finished the book like 30 minutes before we went and here is my "critics" opinion.. the book was great minus the language and a few things about a 1930s circus I could have gone without knowing BUT.. the love story was amazing! When I found out that Rob Pattinson was the leading man in the movie thats what drove me to want to read it.. any book where I can picture him as the character I'm all about it (im a twilight fan). I mean can you blame me? (look at him) ;)

Anyway.. on to the movie.. AMAZING! I loved it.. David thought it was "gay" if there is not guns or blood its "gay". Which means any girl would love it too! The story is just so good and if you like "Edward" you will love "Jacob". Totally recommend it the next time you head out to the movies. My next critics choice.. "Something Borrowed" reviews to come..

So I was browsing through my netflix instant streaming and I came across Glee. Ive heard so much about it being this awesome show so I decided to see for myself. I will say this.. the singing scenes are great.. i love it. BUT.. Glee is not for me. Teen pregnancy, sex, adultry, drugs etc.. I just cant do it. not hating on those who like it just not a "gleek".

Monday, April 25, 2011

a case of the mondays..

Happy Monday everybody.. I'm truly feeling it today.. its oh about 8:00 and I'm headed off to bed. I need to be studying but at this point my brain couldn't possibly absorb it so I'm plan on getting up bright and early and hitting the books before work. Hint for those who plan on returning to school one day.. working full time and school isn't a grand combo. On to better things.. yesterday was Easter and I attended church with Davids family which was wonderful, thinking about the Resurrection just blows my mind but I feel blessed to know what the Lord did for me and also to know that I get to spend eternity in His presence.. awesome. Also, yesterday was one of my oldest and bestest friends birthday! Anna Banana Killingworth!!!

Here is a little story about my best buddy a.k.a "matron of honor" (one of them at least.. i have 3) Anna found me in the seventh grade.. she claims she rescued me from a life of clarinet playing and flat out nerdiness. whatev! She took me under her wing and together we made a pretty amusing pair.. sometimes our own amusement didn't seem to funny to other people but oh well we had a good time. Now a walk down memory lane.. Victoria.. its pat.. incense.. BMs.. time out mf.. scarves in the middle of summer.. etc. I LOVE YOU Anna!!! Thanks for being an amazing friend for 20 something years :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

hesi... and birds

Today I took the "Hesi" for the first time.. for those of you that dont know what hesi is let me explain.. in order to take boards for nursing I have to pass this booger with a 900 or better (most schools its 850.. thats Hinds trying to one up everybody.. lovely). Today I also realized why everytime I mention the word "hesi" every nurse I know cringes! AHH.. Next week is a new week and a new attempt at passing this stupid test that has officially caused me extra anxiety (like I dont already have enough on my own). Bright side (there must always be a bright side).. all nurses also say once you can pass hesi the NCLEX is a walk in the park! So I have had my pity party for the day and starting tomorrow.. hesi prep! So all those out there that have had to suffer through this agony.. I totally feel ya! Moving on... I'm pulling into my apartment and find my fern not hanging from my balcony as usual. This is a special fern because I have sat on my couch and watched 2 birds make a nest inside it. I dont know what kind of birds they are.. David would, he knows all.. we will hear a bird and he will ask "what's the bird making that noise?" my response "I'm not a bird watcher hun" or sometimes I'll just say "dove" because that's the only bird sound I know.. but he always knows what it is! its craziness. Its pretty cool tho.. they brought in all kinds of stuff for this tiny nest. Then the day came.. I looked and there was an egg! it was so cute!! So back to the reason why the fern wasn't hanging.. I rush up the stairs and into the apartment and David is sitting on the couch and I'm like "what happened to the fern?" and he says "Oh.. it fell.. and that egg broke (no concern)" GASP!!!! It was so sad.. They keep coming up and looking around for it.. tear! So advice for the day bloggers.. don't take the "hesi" (barf) and secure your ferns.. that is all :)