Monday, April 25, 2011

a case of the mondays..

Happy Monday everybody.. I'm truly feeling it today.. its oh about 8:00 and I'm headed off to bed. I need to be studying but at this point my brain couldn't possibly absorb it so I'm plan on getting up bright and early and hitting the books before work. Hint for those who plan on returning to school one day.. working full time and school isn't a grand combo. On to better things.. yesterday was Easter and I attended church with Davids family which was wonderful, thinking about the Resurrection just blows my mind but I feel blessed to know what the Lord did for me and also to know that I get to spend eternity in His presence.. awesome. Also, yesterday was one of my oldest and bestest friends birthday! Anna Banana Killingworth!!!

Here is a little story about my best buddy a.k.a "matron of honor" (one of them at least.. i have 3) Anna found me in the seventh grade.. she claims she rescued me from a life of clarinet playing and flat out nerdiness. whatev! She took me under her wing and together we made a pretty amusing pair.. sometimes our own amusement didn't seem to funny to other people but oh well we had a good time. Now a walk down memory lane.. Victoria.. its pat.. incense.. BMs.. time out mf.. scarves in the middle of summer.. etc. I LOVE YOU Anna!!! Thanks for being an amazing friend for 20 something years :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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