Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Glee and Elephants...

Friday night David and I went to see Water for Elephants. I had just finished the book like 30 minutes before we went and here is my "critics" opinion.. the book was great minus the language and a few things about a 1930s circus I could have gone without knowing BUT.. the love story was amazing! When I found out that Rob Pattinson was the leading man in the movie thats what drove me to want to read it.. any book where I can picture him as the character I'm all about it (im a twilight fan). I mean can you blame me? (look at him) ;)

Anyway.. on to the movie.. AMAZING! I loved it.. David thought it was "gay" if there is not guns or blood its "gay". Which means any girl would love it too! The story is just so good and if you like "Edward" you will love "Jacob". Totally recommend it the next time you head out to the movies. My next critics choice.. "Something Borrowed" reviews to come..

So I was browsing through my netflix instant streaming and I came across Glee. Ive heard so much about it being this awesome show so I decided to see for myself. I will say this.. the singing scenes are great.. i love it. BUT.. Glee is not for me. Teen pregnancy, sex, adultry, drugs etc.. I just cant do it. not hating on those who like it just not a "gleek".

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