Tuesday, April 19, 2011

hesi... and birds

Today I took the "Hesi" for the first time.. for those of you that dont know what hesi is let me explain.. in order to take boards for nursing I have to pass this booger with a 900 or better (most schools its 850.. thats Hinds trying to one up everybody.. lovely). Today I also realized why everytime I mention the word "hesi" every nurse I know cringes! AHH.. Next week is a new week and a new attempt at passing this stupid test that has officially caused me extra anxiety (like I dont already have enough on my own). Bright side (there must always be a bright side).. all nurses also say once you can pass hesi the NCLEX is a walk in the park! So I have had my pity party for the day and starting tomorrow.. hesi prep! So all those out there that have had to suffer through this agony.. I totally feel ya! Moving on... I'm pulling into my apartment and find my fern not hanging from my balcony as usual. This is a special fern because I have sat on my couch and watched 2 birds make a nest inside it. I dont know what kind of birds they are.. David would, he knows all.. we will hear a bird and he will ask "what's the bird making that noise?" my response "I'm not a bird watcher hun" or sometimes I'll just say "dove" because that's the only bird sound I know.. but he always knows what it is! its craziness. Its pretty cool tho.. they brought in all kinds of stuff for this tiny nest. Then the day came.. I looked and there was an egg! it was so cute!! So back to the reason why the fern wasn't hanging.. I rush up the stairs and into the apartment and David is sitting on the couch and I'm like "what happened to the fern?" and he says "Oh.. it fell.. and that egg broke (no concern)" GASP!!!! It was so sad.. They keep coming up and looking around for it.. tear! So advice for the day bloggers.. don't take the "hesi" (barf) and secure your ferns.. that is all :)

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